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wallenjorden Jun 15
The clamour wasn't just restricted to movie theatres at In those pre-YouTube days, the trailer was downloaded about millions of times - then the record. The web also was crowned the place where fans met and theorised concerning the contents of the trailer and exactly what might tell them in regards to the movie - something those that queued around watch the initial trilogy between 1977 and 1983 could only desire.

The fan verdict was overwhelmingly positive. And even now, the initial teaser features a spine-tingling, mysterious quality. It offers very little, but promises for the better: those quiet, opening landscape shots hinting in a familiar sci-fi world as we'd not witnessed it before, with all the advent of digital effects allowing Lucas to draw in his camera to show us new exotic vistas. A contemplative shot of Queen Amidala standing for a window dissolves with a first-person take a look at a pod-racer flying, as John Williams' triumphant Star Wars theme blasts through the speakers.

Packed in the trailer's two minutes and 11 seconds, we're afforded the briefest glimpse of a lightsaber here or possibly a villain there - including a first, teasing glimpse of what Darth Maul actually appeared as if. It's easy to realise why fans were roundly delighted by it. Lucas himself was reported to be "really overwhelmed" from the public reaction.

But nowhere is always that more apparent compared with the alleyway where Diana and Steve are accosted by German spies. This is a lovely homage to Christopher Reeve’s Clark Kent catching a mugger’s bullet intended for Margot Kidder. But the way this bit begins, with Diana and Steve ducking into your alley right down to some gun appearing in frame from behind a wall, is a great nod to Superman: The Movie.

- Diana trying frozen goodies for the initial time and telling the owner he needs to be proud of his creation is actually right out of Justice League (2011) #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.